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To continue providing quality education to its students, and in light of prevalent inflation, Unity International School reserves the right to increase fees on an annual basis, in accordance and compliance with the regulations of the competent government regulatory authorities, and as per requirement.

FEE STRUCTURE 2022-2023 (New admission)

Admission Fees (one time)Rs. 30,000/- Per Child
Security Deposit (refundable)Rs. 15,000/- Per Child
Annual Charges (one time)Rs. 15,000/- Per Child
Monthly Fees: Grade 6-10Rs. 12, 000/- Per Child
Monthly Fees: Grade 1-5Rs. 11,000/- Per Child
Monthly Fees: MontessoriRs. 10,000 /- Per Child
Sibling ConcessionRs. 1,000/- Per Sibling (Not applicable for cousins)