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An integrated model

Worldwide, most educational systems are based on three levels of education that utilize the pedagogical approaches to learning. In the 1960s, scholars formulated another approach to education that has become known as andragogy and has been applied to adult education.

Several innovative scholars have seen how andragogy can be applied to teaching children. As a result, both andragogy and pedagogy are viewed as the opposite ends of the educational spectrum. Both of these approaches have a place and function within the modern educational framework. If one assumes that the goal of education is for the acquisition and application of knowledge, then both of these approaches can be used effectively for the attainment of that goal. In order to utilize these approaches effectively, an integrated model of learning has been developed that consists of initial teaching and exploratory learning phases.

This model has both the directive and flexible qualities found in the theories of pedagogy and andragogy. With careful consideration and analysis this educational model can be utilized effectively within most educational systems.

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