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Childhood education is a journey of discovery, where the child learns about himself and about the world around him. Every child is blessed with a natural urge to learn. The purpose of a teacher and – by extension thereof – a school is to facilitate this discovery process; as well as guide, nurture, and navigate the child through this journey. The school must ensure that this journey is a source of joy for both for the child and the guide. To put it succinctly, there is no teaching; there is only learning.

Learning and discovery is not limited to the physical world around us: self-discovery is as important, if not more. In addition, discovery of the self and the world is misguided without recognition of the Creator.




Our purpose is:

Our Faith. We wish to inspire in each child such love of Allah and His Messenger (S) that leads to their obedience.

Our Discipline. We strive to develop confident, responsible, compassionate, honest and committed personalities who can lead humanity with moral and academic excellence.

Our Unity. We seek to unite the child with the Creator; the school with the community; the nation among itself; and humanity as a whole.