What we offer

Academics Overview

Education and educationists at Unity International School are not confined to the four walls of the school. Education is formally and systematically provided with a broad view of curriculum but it does not end there. In our opinion, it is a continuous process and goes on from the cradle to the grave. Life and its experiences teach us a number of important facts. Thus we may conclude that the education imparted in formal schools is only a part of the whole and process is influenced by the religious, social and traditional background of the society.


The Montessori method is universally accepted and acclaimed for its success in educating the child through guidance rather than control.


The good in Elementary is the development of lifelong skills and multiple intelligences by providing a pressure-free, natural and enjoyable environment.


Taking inspiration from Dr. Dawud Tauhidi’s (an American Muslim) model, we have developed a complete tarbiyah program tailored for our society.

Hifz Program

We offer the Hifz ul Quran program for boys, established by a professional team of Islamic scholars, and affiliated with Wifaq ul Madaris Pakistan.

Project Based Learning

project-based learning enables students to develop deep content knowledge as well as skills like critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication.

Guidance &Counseling

Guidance and counselling sessions are incorporated through the Tarbiyah program. Apart from that, students given individual sessions required.

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Our Goal

Our Aim

Unity International School aims to prepare our youth for their material well being, but without mad competition competition and keeping in mind that this world is a transitory phase, a test and a preparation for the life hereafter.The curriculum is seen as the whole teaching-learning activity both inside and outside the classroom.