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The Messenger (S) has said, “The best among you are those who learn the Quran and teach it.” Unity International School aims to develop the relationship of a child with the book of Allah.

Allah elevates many people through this book (Al Quran)and degrades others by it. (Muslim).

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Nazra e Quran

The purpose of Nazra is to develop a lifelong love and affection with the Quran. Ever student should recite the Quran smoothly, easily, and regularly throughout their lives. It is absolutely not intended to simply have a student go through the Quran once as a ritual only.


Students learn the correct pronunciation of the Quran by practicing the rules of tajweed, so that the command of Allah, “And recite the Quran in a measured, pleasing manner”, (Muzammil: 4) can be obeyed.


Each student’s heart should preserve such a portion of the Quran, that they can taste the sweetness of reciting to Allah in namaz. In addition, preferred surahs, verses and kalimas are learnt to be recited in their daily routine.

Fahm ul Quran

We strive not only to make students learn the translation of the Quran, but to develop a deep understanding so that given knowledge can be implemented in practical life. Students learn to differentiate between Halal and Haram.

They seek answers to questions like,

• What is my Creator saying to me?

• Which of His commands must I fufill?

• What are the guidelines of living a life that pleases Him?

Fahm ul Quran means developing an understanding of the Quran. For Grades 1-6, we focus on specific portions of the Quran; whereas Grade 7 and 8 undergo a thorough study of the Quran’s translation under the guidance of qualified teachers.

Complete Hifz Program

We offer Hifz ul Quran program for boys, established by a professional team of Islamic scholars, and are affiliated with Wifaq ul Madaris Pakistan. Students are connected with the Quran with love and care, under qualified, experienced teachers, who have graduated from well-known Islamic institutes. By providing Quran education in an environment of Tarbiyah, the program prepares the students to be role models for the youth of the Muslim Ummah. Unity’s policy is to accept Hifz enrollments after the completion of Grade 4.