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Admission Process

The admission process involves the following steps:

  1. Visit the school
  2. Schedule placement test
  3. Share feedback on placement test
  4. Account clearance
  5. Joining

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Fee Portal

To continue providing quality education to its students, and in light of prevalent inflation, Unity International School reserves the right to increase fees on an annual basis, in accordance and compliance with the regulations of the competent government regulatory authorities, and as per requirement

FEE STRUCTURE 2022-2023 (New admission)

Admission Fees (one time)

Rs. 30,000/- Per Child

Security Deposit (refundable)

Rs. 15,000/- Per Child

Annual Charges(one time)

Rs. 15,000/- Per Child

Monthly Fees: Grade 6-10

Rs.12, 000/- Per Child

Monthly Fees: Grade 1-5

Rs. 11,000/- Per Child

Monthly Fees: Montessori

Rs. 10,000 /- Per Child

Sibling Concession

Rs. 1,000/- Per Sibling(Not applicablefor cousins)


 NOTE:             Need-based scholarships are available on a limited basis


Need-based scholarships are available for deserving candidates. However, the seats are limited and depend on availability.  The amount of waiver is determined by the following criteria:

  1. The absolute commitment of the family to Unity’s vision, ethos, and system.
  2. Exemplary behavior, character, and work ethic of the child.
  3. Clear demonstration of financial need.