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Your child is unique – created as an individual with natural learning abilities.

Your child deserves an education that is holistic, integrative, well-balanced, and hands-on. An education that challenges your child’s higher order thinking, instills life-long values, caters to emotional needs, and offers real-world connections. We at Unity International are working hard to provide such an education, because your child deserves the best.

Located in beautiful Bani Gala, Islamabad, overlooking the Korang River, Unity International School was established in 2014, as a fulfillment of our chairman, Mr. Mustafa Husain Zuberi’s dream to set up a school that was different from your ordinary run of the mill schools. We have always believed that when in it comes to education, learning is more important than teaching. That is why our focus since our inception has been on your child. We want our future generations to become positive, inquisitive and forward thinking members of society who have strong values to guide them throughout life. Within a short period of time, we are proud to have a strong student body as well dedicated and wonderful faculty and staff.

What sets us apart?

We are proud to have our curricula and school ideology developed with the input of some of the greatest minds in the country. Unity International School is the only school in Pakistan that has incorporated holistic education through the Integrated Learning Model (ILM) and a formal Tarbiyah Program in to our curriculum. We focus on Project Based Learning and have seen our students excel by leaps and bounds not only academically but also in their confidence because of this.

Our students start with the authentic Montessori system as a 3 step program before starting Grade 1. We also offer various extra and co-curricular activities and a full time Hifz program for boys.